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Why does CBeebies hate stay-at-home mums?

June 25, 2009

Click here for this news item.

Perhaps CBeebies hates stay-at-home Mums because the perception now is that the only people who can be  stay-at-home Mums are either feckless, benefits-claiming single parents or impossibly rich ‘ladies who lunch’.

Perhaps there is some truth in that, given successive government policies regarding single-income and double-income families.

Baby or career: young women cannot have it both ways

June 23, 2009

Click here for this Sunday Times story. It includes the wise obersvation that you can’t have two demanding careers and a family. Well, I suppose you could – but it’s jolly hard to have a family life (or a marriage) of quality when both parents are working 40+ hours a week outside the home.

Motherhood and sacrifice

June 5, 2009

I am always moved and often uplifted by other mothers’ tales concerning their journey towards the realization that they should be at home – if possible – while their children are young. Whether these mothers are religious or whether they are simply mothers of honesty, generosity and goodwill, they all recognise that their children’s needs must come before their own. They instinctively realise that having children involves sacrifice.  Click here for more.