Families to keep £2,400 in childcare vouchers after Gordon Brown’s U-turn

So says the Telegraph headline to this story.

But this isn’t all families. Oh no. It’s only those families that choose to outsource their childcare.

Why do parents using third-party childcare continue to get tax relief when a family with a mother or father doing the caring at home, forfeiting a second salary, gets nothing? In fact, the family’s single earner pays tax – part of which goes to what are often two-income families. Call that ‘family friendly’?

Single-earner couples raising children in the UK pay around 44 percent more tax than other similar one-earner couples in Europe. The common perception is that single-income families can ‘afford’ for someone to be at home while two-income families can’t.

An FTM member says,

Why should my household taxes go to subsidise the childcare choices of other families using nurseries that I don’t particularly agree with for such little children , when we continue to see a huge chunk of our hard earned money go back to the state?

Abolish all ‘vouchers’ and just give tax allowances to all families with young children (under 16), so that they are free to use the extra cash how they please – whether on third party care or family based care.   This would be more equitable. It would restore the balance. It would give mums at home ‘a voice’  as well as the ‘professional elite’ who came out in such force to defend their claim to childcare vouchers that the rest of us don’t get!!”


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