Investing in children

The latest issue of The Economist carries this leader article on ‘Women and work’ (note the Orwellian tactic of redefining words to change how we think – here, ‘work’ means paid employment outside the home).

The article includes the following:

And, without going to Scandinavian lengths, America could invest more in its children: it spends a lower share of its GDP on public child-care than almost any other rich country,

So, according to The Economist – paying anyone other than parents to look after their children is to “invest… in children”. Really?

It might be if the parents are unable or unwilling to look after their own children – and the latter is blackmail: “We’ll harm our children – albeit in subtle ways – unless you give us money”. As for children who would indeed be better off kept away from their natural parents: there are already laws in place that allow children to be taken from the family home and ‘put into ‘care’.

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