Liberated women

The following tongue-in-cheek was a Comment on this Guardian article:

The women in my street have been liberated too. Two of them work as care assistants and the other in the laundry of the local mental hospital.

In a recent interview with the Independent, one of them said that she hates her job, but that she is happy to have been part of the cheap labour revolution of the 1980s that has greatly contributed to the lifestyle of upper middle class broadsheet readers.

She explains “Mrs Thatcher got it right. Combining a more than three million unemployment level with the promotion of feminism created a situation where women went to work for considerably less than their husbands and working class incomes have never recovered. Almost two wage slaves for the price of one. It also has meant that grandparents get to enjoy raising two generations of children.

Working in the laundry eight hours a day is an invigorating, intellectually challenging experience. I used to be in awe of my husband’s achievements as a university porter, but folding towels has rolled back 4,000 tears of Judeo Christian patriarchal oppression in my household.”

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