Blunt words from FTM patron

Click here for presentations by Oliver James, author and patron of Full Time Mothers, at  Waterstone’s. These included the following hard-hitting lines:

‘for the rich there are au pairs,  for the poor it’s more or less crap group daycare..the evidence for group daycare is unequivocable’  (he quotes Jay Belsky – may be a ‘small’ negative effect he says  but it affects an awful  lot of children)……’you get children’s clubs for terribly long days – for five, six, seven year olds who are absolutely [exhausted]

‘do we want career obsessed people whose main hobbies are working and shopping,  or do we want something else?’
‘What kind of women do we want at the end of day – career obsessed or people who actually enjoy time with their children ?  What kind of people do we want?’

‘ the version of feminism which came to pass was a version in which women aped the very ugly ways of men’ 

‘more and more women became highly educated , were competing with men in the higher echelons, in particular in the upper two thirds everyone was having to work much harder to keep up with each other, massive materialism…….so huge amount of stoking up of aspirations, everyone eventually was hooked – an effect down the system with people at the bottom going onto sickness benefit for mental health reasons…shipping in lots of Polish people to look after people’s children and do the cleaning…status consumption grew fuelled by housing costs,  fuelled by more women earning and more dual incomes as ‘norm’ …confusion of ‘needs’ with ‘wants’…vicious cycle’

‘we just want to provide is ‘what women want’ says Harriet Harman – but what the government wants isn’t what women want at all’
‘I don’t think Harriet Harman’s children used group daycare…..  I feel passionate about this (the last ten years) ….I feel bitter about it’.

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