Personality disorders? I blame the nursery

Putting children in nursery before they are two harms their emotional health, says a new book by a child psychologist

Click here for this Times article – which also include a quote from Oliver James, FTM’s patron.

One Response to “Personality disorders? I blame the nursery”

  1. bestfrenchcampsites Says:

    I am noticing some behaviours among children in my son’s classes which may be a combined effect of having more only children in society but may also be survival techniques learned at nursery. Some children can not empathise with others so even when working in a team and having it explained that everyone has to have a say, sometimes ones will finish the task without consulting the others or grab controller for a computer game to finish it without asking. Another thing I really notice is some children are very good at making sure others get the blame for things. I have decided its a survival technique but I am fed up of my son being blamed for thiings for three years. Some really troubled children are growing up and I wouldnt like to have to work with them in employment in the future !

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