Here’s a piece written my a long-time FTM member (and now a grandmother) “expressing anger at some of the policies promoted by my own sex on our behalf”

Political babes! Behold, a female army of tailored suits, expensive haircuts and teetering shoes marching militantly through  halls of Westminster, to smash glass ceilings and empower my gender to reach for skies of boundless achievement.

Proudly you flaunt your family juggling acts, whilst Norland Nannies wipe the bums and noses of your offspring, untrumpeted, in trendy Islington or Notting Hill.

Fervently you storm male bastions of ages past, unswerving in your quest for ‘Equality, equality, equality’; whilst your mantra ‘Choice’ (most sacred of cows) fells all before it, shearing through once-hallowed boundary lines.

‘Abortion on Demand’ you cry, yet hide your gaze from its murderous fruit in government statistics.

Have it All!’ you preach from well-serviced ivory towers to the common herd of women who worship at your glittering shrine of success and collapse with exhaustion.

‘Day care, day care, day care’ scream the headlines as you consign our nation’s vulnerable treasures to battery-farming, turkey-twizzling, twelve hour days of parental deprivation and faceless carers who love them not. All in the name of ‘Female Emancipation’.

But you don’t speak for me at all, with your biased agenda and denial of the nurturing mother in me who simply wants to ‘be there’. You Tipexed out my choices in your progressive manifesto, ignored the beating heart of motherhood, and spoke like MEN!

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