The future for QUANGOs

Bearing in mind the probable axing of the London Childcare team, (see here) Anna Line’s FTM’s chair, writes:

I encountered members of this Childcare Team some years ago when I was invited to take part in a discussion on the Politics Show one Sunday lunchtime in that oddly shaped London Assembly building by the Thames. The discussion centred around the question of providing childcare for mothers of very young children who might just want to work short hours in, say, schools at lunchtime, and they would of course need to have their children looked after.

I soon realised that this was about mothers with few skills and little education and little experience of any work . They would be lucky to find a job at all and that would only pay the minimum wage. I threw in that it might be better and cheaper to just give them some money until the time when they would be better placed to look for work and the chairman seemed to sympathise with this and explored this avenue further. the team members did not take kindly to this suggestion, understandably.

The chickens are clearly coming home to roost. QUANGOS (Quasi Non-Government Organisations) are being phased out and the realisation may be dawning that there are certain circles that cannot be squared.

Over the last few years this team has been working hard to expand childcare in London where many of its employees are, you’ve guessed it, single mums of young children.

Well, it certainly shows up in the books as “economic activity”, but it reminds me of the neighbours who take in each other’s washing! Of course, the people quoted in this article do not say this and piously talk about supporting “families” and “parents”.

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