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Motherly love ‘does breed confidence’

July 30, 2010

Being lavished with affection by your mum as a young child makes you better able to cope with the stresses and strains of adult life, say researchers.

Click here for this BBC article.

The stigma of being a housewife

July 21, 2010

Click here for a New York Times article about the disappearance of housewives in Sweden.

Doctoral research into motherhood

July 9, 2010

Click here to participate in a survey aimed at full-time (ie, stay-at-home) mothers. This is survey is part of PhD research by a student at the University of Exeter.

Labour’s ‘nappy curriculum’ to be reviewed

July 7, 2010

Click here for an article from The Independent.

Perhaps this sort of state interference will decrease as its cost – and dubious benefits – becomes clearer. Such a curriculum could be voluntary, with parents choosing what is best for their own children.