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Realities of Mothers in Europe

September 25, 2010

FTM recently publicised the chance to contribute to this report – the full version of which can be seen here.

One of the conclusions is:

Mothers want choice (clearly written or implied). They do not want to be imposed in a specific model usually based on economic criteria. They want to be respected and enabled in whatever choice they make to raise their children and employment model they choose depending on the lifecycle they are in. They want a better recognition of the importance of “unpaid family care” and motherhood in society.

EU maternity plans ‘unaffordable’ says business group

September 17, 2010

Click here for this BBC story, introduced by:

European plans to change maternity rights will cost UK firms £2.5bn a year, a business group has warned.

What will happen if some mothers decide they don’t want to be separated from their precious baby after 20 weeks maternity leave on full pay?  Will they have to pay the money back ?  If they no longer have the money available will the resulting ‘debt’  force  mothers back into the workplace against their wishes,  just when they’ve realised (too late)  how very attached they’ve become to their child?!   (more…)

The Pass-Around Baby

September 17, 2010

Click here for a report on research into the link between multiple child-care arrangements and behaviour. It starts:

Life can be hard for young children cared for by one stranger on Mondays and Wednesdays, a different stranger on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and yet a third stranger on Fridays. To clarify just how hard it is for children to deal with such shifting child-care arrangements, researcher Taryn W. Morrissey recently examined “associations between changes in the number of concurrent, nonparental child-care arrangements and changes in children’s behavioral outcomes at 2 and 3 years of age.