The great nursery debate

Click here for this piece from The Guardian, which does appear to be even-handed, quoting people and research from both sides of the debate.

On the question of why this area remains so inflammatory, Leach writes in her most recent book that the subject touches on “parents’ desperate desire to do the best for their children and the hair trigger of their guilt when that is in question”.

One reason this topic raises such strong feelings is that of the two main options – stay-at-home parents and non-parental childcare – only one is subsidised by the tax payer. That. is. not. right.

One Response to “The great nursery debate”

  1. Sally Greenhill Says:

    Having been a member of both What About The Children? and FTM for several years, I would like to cast my vote squarely behind the views of Jay Belsky, Oliver James, Sue Gerhardt et al who say that day-care nurseries should only be used as a last resort or by families whose quality of parenting is very low. Your baby is so precious that you should not risk its future mental health by taking chances at this early stage of its development. I personally know one young woman in her mid-thirties now whose mother (a doctor) went back to work full time when the baby was only weeks old, and the young woman has suffered from terrible mental health issues (bi-polar, schizophrenia etc) since her early 20s ; could this have been triggered by early maternal deprivation, one wonders? The family has suffered so much over the past 12/15 years , with several suicide attempts and side-effects from medication etc. DON’T risk your child’s future health and stability for the sake of the extra income if you can help it! The Government should recognise and respect the need for early mother/infant bonding and set aside funding to cover the mother’s loss of earnings in the first 3 years at least.

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