Child Benefit: What’s fair about taxing stay-at-home mums?

This article makes the reasonable point that the proposal to tax child benefit is another blow to single-income families.


2 Responses to “Child Benefit: What’s fair about taxing stay-at-home mums?”

  1. Laura Robinson Says:

    I was a SAHM for 5 good years and this article makes me realise just how fortunate I have been.

    This is unfair in so many ways, no least that SAHM with husbands earning £44,000+ will also lose their state pension protection as the Home Responsibilities Protection (HRP) is linked to those in receipt of Child Benefit.

  2. Laura Robinson Says:

    The scraping of child benefit will also lead to further administration when those children apply for NI numbers when they reach 16 years old.

    Currently, a child will automatically receives their National Insurance number just before their 16th birthday on condition that the child both lives in United Kingdom and their parents or guardians are getting Child Benefit.

    Presumably, now they will need to apply for their NI number in some other way – at 16 years old.

    All in all, a very poorly thought out idea.

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