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Juggling careers and children takes its toll

November 30, 2010

Click here for this press release. Its main purpose is to garner coverage for a provider of health care coverage – but it is worth reading.

What women want: evidence from British Social Attitudes

November 24, 2010

Geoff Dench, Hera Trust, 2010, xiii + 154pp, £12.95, ISBN 9780952352952

This is a review by Norman Wells of the Family Education Trust and is reproduced here with kind permission.

In this report, Professor Geoff Dench of the Young Foundation questions the common assumption that women in Britain have freely chosen to leave the domestic sphere in order to take a fuller part in the labour market without any regrets. Drawing extensively on British Social Attitudes (BSA) surveys, he shows that family life comes much higher in the scale of priorities of most women than work outside the home, that family life suffers when women put work first, and that being a housewife is a rewarding role. (more…)

Realities of Mothers in Europe

November 18, 2010

Click here for this report, an author of which spoke at the FTM AGM earlier this month.

FTM members contributed to the report, which was recently presented to the Platform of European Social non-governmental organisations. (more…)

Can a woman ever have it all?

November 17, 2010

Click here for the thoughts of Baroness Warnock, Fay Weldon, Dame Barbara Mills and Shirley Hughes.

Child benefit cut

November 1, 2010

Here are extracts from a letter an FTM member wrote to her MP.

Following our conversation last night I am enclosing the letter and petition from a group of local mothers. It was never originally meant as a petition but while talking about it in the playground other parents were interested and wanted to sign and so it evolved…. (more…)