Realities of Mothers in Europe

Click here for this report, an author of which spoke at the FTM AGM earlier this month.

FTM members contributed to the report, which was recently presented to the Platform of European Social non-governmental organisations.One of the report’s conclusions was: 

  • Mothers want choice … They do not want to have a specific model, usually based on economic criteria, imposed on them.
  • They want to be respected and enabled in whatever choice they make to raise their children and employment model they choose depending on their lifecycle stage.
  • They want a better recognition of the importance of “unpaid family care” and motherhood in society.
  • They want a better recognition of the role of mothers/parents who decide to stay at home temporarily (or not) to take care of their children.
  • They want a financial solution that enables them to choose between a quality daycare solution and to take care of their under school-age children by themselves.

Anna Lines, FTM chair, says, “The authors of this report would like me to convey their thanks to all those of you who took the trouble to participate in the survey. Through good organisation, team spirit and a lot of help from organisations like ours in lots of European countries they have managed something truly professional at very little cost.”

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