Do women really want to marry for money?

Click here for a Daily Telegraph story based on research from Catherine Hakim, a former FTM AGM speaker, and a researcher at the London School of Economics.

One Response to “Do women really want to marry for money?”

  1. whataboutthekids? Says:

    Thank goodness one academic is prepared to consider the possibility that many women think it’s important to spend time caring for children….that being a mum is as valuable a job as any other that is done for renumeration outside the home….(cos it’s not really about marrying for money is it? rather it’s about hoping that you can afford to be with the kids as they grow up, surely? What’s wrong with that?).
    The sad thing is that the journalistic language used in these articles still communicates the negative message that raising children (without using childcare) is somehow a retrogade step..all too often they refer to the ‘kitchen sink’ and use photos of 50s housewives stuck at home without choices.
    And all too often newspaper articles focus on ‘gender politics’instead of what really matters ie childhood wellbeing and understanding what children really need emotionally and developmentally – love, time, and consistency of care from a loving parent.
    We REALLY need to move away from comparing parenthood today with parenting after the War – thing have moved on!! When mums/dads are at home it doesn’t mean they are inactive (they often volunteer or have a business from home) and it doesn’t mean that the working partner expects his (or her) supper on the table and the house spick and span. These days parents share tasks more than ever before and there’s a lot more fluidity in their lives (part time jobs /shared care etc etc).
    We need to insist on a new LANGUAGE when discussing these issues – not one that diminishes the parent at home or which pigeon-holes certain choices.
    It’s about time we all worked together for the sake of the children instead of fuelling the so-called ‘mommy wars’.

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