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More than just early years

February 12, 2011

This from Children & Young People Now – an organisation that brings together people working with children and young people – says, “…it is dangerous to think of early years as the be-all and end-all”.

Full Time Mothers – and others – have, in good faith, pushed for more recognition for the importance of the young children (Early Years)  – meaning that we want to help mothers and fathers have the choice to look after their children as it’s such an important time.

 BUT – and huge BUT here (more…)

Maternal Employment, Work Schedules, and Children’s Body Mass Index

February 7, 2011

Nothing too surprising in this research, finding that an increase in the total time a mother is employed is associated with a fatter child. If there is no meal on the table then the teeanagers will graze; and if there is little time to cook then mothers resort to ready meals and junk food and do not have time to argue about healthy eating.

Abolishing child poverty could mean more non-parental child care

February 5, 2011

Reaching ‘across-the-aisle’, the coalition government asked Frank Field – a Labour MP and an FTM AGM speaker – to look at tackling child poverty. Click here for more on his final report.

This – and other coalition thinking on Early Years – seem to recommend making children more ‘school ready’. This often mean smore formal ‘education’, meaning more formal care arrangements for the first three years of a child’s life.

This ignores causes of child poverty such as family breakdown; and few jobs that enable a single wage-earner to support children and the other parent as full-time care-giver.