More than just early years

This from Children & Young People Now – an organisation that brings together people working with children and young people – says, “…it is dangerous to think of early years as the be-all and end-all”.

Full Time Mothers – and others – have, in good faith, pushed for more recognition for the importance of the young children (Early Years)  – meaning that we want to help mothers and fathers have the choice to look after their children as it’s such an important time.

 BUT – and huge BUT here  –  our work, as well as society’s greater understanding of brain development in early years – has sadly been misinterpreted to mean that the Early Years need to be ‘formalised’ or  ‘controlled’  in some way.  Some – including politicians – have taken this to mean, ironically, that it is best for children if they are taken AWAY from their parents    – after all, parents cannot possibly be trusted.
But childhood cannot be condensed into three or five foundation years. If parents’ work were done in the first three years how easy it would all be.
Regarding disadvantaged children, parents should be helped to stay WITH the children to improve things –  through outreach work in the home and help with transition to parenting etc    But to REMOVE little ones into formal ‘educational setting’/nurseries,   will achieve the opposite to what was intended by campaigning groups like ours,  and others like us.
Furthermore, the article says ”For some children,  ‘risk factors’  will not emerge until a later stage,  perhaps having sailed through their early years”. Too true, yet it is assumed that both parents will be in paid work outside the home once the children are in school.
Full Time Mothers is not solely about pre-school early years.   It is about the whole of a child’s lifetime.

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