Full Time Mothers (FTM) was founded in 1990 by parents concerned about the relentless drive to get all mothers into paid employment outside the home and all children into third party childcare.

In 2012 FTM changed its name to Mothers At Home Matter – and you can find the new web site here.

Or, click here to go to the home page of this site.

Full Time Mothers aims to:

  • promote understanding of the child’s need for a full-time mother
  • enhance the status and self esteem of mothers at home
  • campaign for changes in the tax and benefits system and employment policy, to give more women the choice to be full-time mothers

Full Time Mothers is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers. We have no paid staff.

Membership is open to all who share our aims. We welcome mums, dads, grandparents, carers, single parents, couples, health care professionals, parents in paid employment outside the home and parents not in paid employment outside the home.

We welcome all who share our concern about the relentless drive towards tax-payer funded non-parental childcare for children of an ever younger age and our concerns about the biased approach to supporting family life, which ignores mothers (and fathers) caring for their own children full time.

We are non political and non denominational.


  • Lady Jacobovits
  • Lady Griffiths
  • Patricia Morgan
  • Fiona Castle
  • Oliver James

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Jacqueline Godfrey Says:


    You may recall I wrote to you about 6 weeks ago regarding the issue of withdrawing Child Benefit to Higher Rate Tax earners and the subsequent possible loss of Home Responsibilities Protection (HRP). As you are aware, HRP entitles the recipient (usually a woman), to a certain amount of National Insurance Contributions which are paid into her state pension on her behalf. I wrote to Simon Burns MP about my concerns that many women would be “blissfully” unaware that this pension top-up could disappear without them even knowing about it. I have had a reply, via Mr Burns, from David Gauke at HM Treasury and here is an extract of some of what he says:
    “The Chancellor wanted to avoid creating a complex new means test for household income that would have fundamentally changed the nature of Child Benefit. Withdrawing Child Benefit from households with a higher rate taxpayer can be done within existing PAYE and Self Assesment systems. This means that HMRC do not need to contact all 7.8 million households in receipt of Child Benefit.

    … From a customer perspective (Mr Gauke continues), this delivery option does not place a burden on all Child Benefit claimants, it limits the impact to those households containing a higher rate taxpayer. Families with no higher rate taxpater who receive Child Benefit, which is around 80% of all families claiming Child Benefit, will be unaffected by this policy. Child Benefit will continue to be paid in the normal way to the great majority of the population … The changes to Child Benefit will not affect National Insurance credits for state pensions entitlement …”

    I can not be sure whether me drawing attention to loss of HRP has made the Government change their mind, or whether this was already their way of thinking, but either way, good news I am sure you will agree !

    Yours sincerely

    Jacqueline Godfrey (Mrs)

  2. The Family’s Not-So-Secret Strength | Crisis Magazine Says:

    […] Kirk, of Mothers At Home Matter (formerly Full Time Mothers) told MercatorNet her group has been trying to tell their government […]

  3. Leah Taylor Says:

    Hello, I just found this page as I am trying to find out more about the impact of CB changes to NI credits. Jacqueline, your reply from Simon Burns is contrary to advice being given at the State benefits helpline which states that if you no longer receive child benefit, you will also no longer be entitled to NI credits. If true , this is a shocking loophole . I will also be contacting my MP for further confirmation. Leah

  4. Jacqueline Godfrey Says:

    Quelle Surprise. Well, I relayed what Mr Gauk said and I would encourage Everyone who thinks they may be affected by the changed to Child Benefit and the knock-on effect this may have to their anticipated pension contributions (and rights)to contact the appropriate Government Department and discover what will happen to their NI contributions in their own particular case.

  5. Dr. Jacqui Cousins Says:

    Good Morning from Totnes!
    Been away (and widowed!) for a long time but was very involved and supportive of FULL TIME MOTHERS in the 1990s.Just wonder what news there is of your pioneer members including Jill Kirby (?) ALL GOOD WISHES from Jacqui Cousins (YES! I am still working writing, or talking at Conferences as an Early Years Consultant!)

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