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Swedish childcare system is hardly a utopian model

June 28, 2011

Click here for this article from the Irish Times.

Also here for “Rose-tinted view of ‘Nordic’ childcare based on misconceptions”.

Government to cut early learning targets

April 2, 2011

Click here for radio report [WARNING: AUDIO] on the government’s welcome plans to cut the number of learning targets for young children.

Early years childcare in East Germany

March 17, 2011

The implication of this article is that taxpayers should finance non-parental childcare so that mothers (or indeed fathers) do not have the onerous obligation of looking after their own children.

Even simpler would be to permanently put children into state-run orphanages. That would save parents the hassle of having to even put children to bed and look after them at weekends and holidays when schools are closed.

Why can’t governments just let alone and allow people to make their own choices? Some parents want to look after their own children, others don’t. Why should the tax and benefits system favour one group over another?

Swedish experiences of child care

March 7, 2011

The text – click here – of a recent presentation at a meeting of the European Network of Cities for the Family by Jonas Himmelstrand of Haro, a Sweidish parental organisation, includes the following – which summarises the presentation well:

The state and society needs to be neutral as to the form of child care arrangements that the family chooses. Otherwise there is a definite risk that the shared responsibility will lead to dominant state control of the child care arrangements, and leaving parents powerless as to choices for their children.

More than just early years

February 12, 2011

This from Children & Young People Now – an organisation that brings together people working with children and young people – says, “…it is dangerous to think of early years as the be-all and end-all”.

Full Time Mothers – and others – have, in good faith, pushed for more recognition for the importance of the young children (Early Years)  – meaning that we want to help mothers and fathers have the choice to look after their children as it’s such an important time.

 BUT – and huge BUT here (more…)