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Maternal Employment, Work Schedules, and Children’s Body Mass Index

February 7, 2011

Nothing too surprising in this research, finding that an increase in the total time a mother is employed is associated with a fatter child. If there is no meal on the table then the teeanagers will graze; and if there is little time to cook then mothers resort to ready meals and junk food and do not have time to argue about healthy eating.

Save the Children suggests families learning together

May 19, 2010

This article reports on a scheme to encourage families to spend time together. But how practical is this when all parents are now out of the home working? A long-time FTM member comments. (more…)

Death of the family supper

January 19, 2010

This article in the Daily Telegraph says that fewer families eat together because there are more parents in paid employment outside the home.

Never mind: the next step in the state taking over the family will be launching of  tax-payer funded ‘dinner clubs’ to complement ‘breakfast clubs’ and ‘homework clubs’. When will we see ‘sleeping clubs’? You heard it here first.

Remember, the state will finance anyone to provide child care – as long as it isn’t the children’s own parents.