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Regrets of delaying motherhood

May 27, 2011

Click here for the delights of motherhood – and the writer now wishing it had happened earlier.


Waiting for a (second) baby

January 29, 2010

Here’s a contribution from one of our members. She says that this might be more of an issue when you’ve given up work to be with a child and then you feel you might only have the one (“although I know of people desperate for a second child to have more maternity leave!”)


Enabling women to work

November 2, 2009

This article in The Economist says that falling fertility

…is changing traditional family life by enabling women to work and children to be educated

Stay-at-home mothers (and fathers) would claim that looking after children is certainly work – in richer economies this hands-on parenting is now sub-contracted, generally to women, who are paid low wages for the ‘work’ of looking after children.