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The great nursery debate

October 2, 2010

Click here for this piece from The Guardian, which does appear to be even-handed, quoting people and research from both sides of the debate. (more…)

Labour’s ‘nappy curriculum’ to be reviewed

July 7, 2010

Click here for an article from The Independent.

Perhaps this sort of state interference will decrease as its cost – and dubious benefits – becomes clearer. Such a curriculum could be voluntary, with parents choosing what is best for their own children.

Front-loading child benefit

June 22, 2010

Frank Field, a Labour MP, the new coalition’s government’s poverty advisor, and a past FTM AGM speaker, has proposed increasing child benefit for early years and decreasing it for later years. This will certainly make it easier for families with younger children to survive on just one income and have the mother (of the father) at home most of the time.

But cutting child benefit for older children underestimates the ‘face-time’ that teenagers require. Better would be to finance an increase in child benefit – across the board – by scrapping non-parental childcare subsidies, such as nurseries.

Avoid putting the under-threes in daycare if you can

May 8, 2010

Click here for a Guardian article by Oliver James – a patron of Full Time Mothers.