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Realities of Mothers in Europe

September 25, 2010

FTM recently publicised the chance to contribute to this report – the full version of which can be seen here.

One of the conclusions is:

Mothers want choice (clearly written or implied). They do not want to be imposed in a specific model usually based on economic criteria. They want to be respected and enabled in whatever choice they make to raise their children and employment model they choose depending on the lifecycle they are in. They want a better recognition of the importance of “unpaid family care” and motherhood in society.

Doctoral research into motherhood

July 9, 2010

Click here to participate in a survey aimed at full-time (ie, stay-at-home) mothers. This is survey is part of PhD research by a student at the University of Exeter.

European survey of mothers

February 3, 2010

Click here to take part in a survey organised by a like-minded Belgian organisation. (more…)