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Swedish childcare system is hardly a utopian model

June 28, 2011

Click here for this article from the Irish Times.

Also here for “Rose-tinted view of ‘Nordic’ childcare based on misconceptions”.

Swedish experiences of child care

March 7, 2011

The text – click here – of a recent presentation at a meeting of the European Network of Cities for the Family by Jonas Himmelstrand of Haro, a Sweidish parental organisation,┬áincludes the following – which summarises the presentation well:

The state and society needs to be neutral as to the form of child care arrangements that the family chooses. Otherwise there is a definite risk that the shared responsibility will lead to dominant state control of the child care arrangements, and leaving parents powerless as to choices for their children.

The stigma of being a housewife

July 21, 2010

Click here for a New York Times article about the disappearance of housewives in Sweden.