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Grandmother wins Kent County Council foster care ruling

May 11, 2010

On the surface, this story – being paid a full foster carer’s allowance to look after one’s own grand-daughter – is outside the remit of FTM. But…

…what about the difference in cost between young children placed into full-time, non-parental, daycare (which some politicians want to offer free to everyone out of taxpayers’ pockets) compared to those cared for at home full-time by their parents?

Avoid putting the under-threes in daycare if you can

May 8, 2010

Click here for a Guardian article by Oliver James – a patron of Full Time Mothers.

The best tip for women wanting to have it all is: don’t bother

May 2, 2010

Click here for this Times article from Minette Marin.

Fourth time lucky for FTM registration

May 1, 2010

Mum wins the right to describe herself as a ‘Full-Time Mother’

When registering their third child’s birth a couple of years ago, FTM member Karen * couldn’t believe it when the General Register Office yet again refused her the right to define her occupation as ‘full-time mother’, a matter she had already started challenging on the birth of her second son. (more…)

Challenges of stay-at-home Dads

April 29, 2010

This Telegraph article that looks at the adultery of a stay-at-home husband – and the fall out from it – poses questions about the interchangeability of stay-at-home Dads and stay-at-home Mums.

Is £150 a year for married couples a good idea?

April 29, 2010

Anna Lines, FTM chair

Most people – including political commentators and non Tory voters – seem to think the married couple allowance is a bad idea. 

For this, I blame the Conservative Party itself, for not even David Cameron seems to have a full understanding of what this is actually about.  He talks about a tax allowance for married couples, because he wants to recognize in the tax system the importance of marriage. (more…)

The Guardian notices FTM

March 30, 2010

Our website here was cited by this article in The Guardian. Perhaps research for it prompted the huge spike in site traffic in the past few days.

Blunt words from FTM patron

January 27, 2010

Click here for presentations by Oliver James, author and patron of Full Time Mothers, at  Waterstone’s. These included the following hard-hitting lines:

‘for the rich there are au pairs,  for the poor it’s more or less crap group daycare..the evidence for group daycare is unequivocable’  (he quotes Jay Belsky – may be a ‘small’ negative effect he says  but it affects an awful  lot of children)……’you get children’s clubs for terribly long days – for five, six, seven year olds who are absolutely [exhausted] (more…)

Investing in children

January 2, 2010

The latest issue of The Economist carries this leader article on ‘Women and work’ (note the Orwellian tactic of redefining words to change how we think – here, ‘work’ means paid employment outside the home).

The article includes the following:

And, without going to Scandinavian lengths, America could invest more in its children: it spends a lower share of its GDP on public child-care than almost any other rich country,

So, according to The Economist – paying anyone other than parents to look after their children is to “invest… in children”. Really?

It might be if the parents are unable or unwilling to look after their own children – and the latter is blackmail: “We’ll harm our children – albeit in subtle ways – unless you give us money”. As for children who would indeed be better off kept away from their natural parents: there are already laws in place that allow children to be taken from the family home and ‘put into ‘care’.

Recession-hit couples turn to ‘shift-parenting’ to stay afloat

November 27, 2009

Click here for this Guardian article on how “Mothers and fathers take it in turns to go to work as a way of avoiding the expense of childcare”.

The families never spend time together as a whole. Sad.