Letters to editors

Writing letters to editors is a key part of campaigning work. Here are some examples to give you ideas:


From Patricia Morgan, FTM patron, to the Evening Standard

I am driven beyond despair to hear that the Conservatives’ answer to the mess of means testing is to introduce more means testing.

It is a very twisted logic which follows up concern at the awful economic and social consequences of targeted benefits by attacking the on ly useful remaining universal recognition in the tax and  benefit system for dependants.  Removing allowances will push moore people down; if their earnings increase above a certain level, they may lose more than they receive.  It is bad enough at the bottom, without extending up the income scale incentives for people to dump their assets, live apart or pretend to.  What a way to further the Big Society.Patricia Morgan

Patricia Morgan
Author – The War between the State and the Family
Maternity support


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