The Association for Infant Mental Health (UK)

Daycares don’t care – a US site emphasising the downside of day care

Families Magazine – “Information for families with young children”

Family Links – “Practical information for building relationships in families,
schools and communities”

Family Matters Institute

Fund the Child – “We are suggesting that rather than funding only one way to raise kids [day care], it would be more fiscally prudent, more democratically equal and wiser to FUND THE CHILD wherever the child is.”

Home-based working Moms – a US site which does what it says on the tin.

Home Start UK – a charity helping families with young children

International Family Childcare Association  – childcare subsidy going direct to parents

Just Parents – Parenting and Pregnancy advice for mums and dads. 

Kids First Parent Association of Canada

Keep time for children – working to promote family time at weekends

La Leche League – breastfeeding support

Mum and Working – part-time jobs for full time mums

Mumsnet – an online network of parents pooling their knowledge

Natural Child Project

NetMums – a local information network aimed at Mums

Parentline Plus – a telephone helpline for parents

ParentsOutloud  – helping people share views and experience and keep them up to date with education news changes and laws.

Rebel Dad – for stay-at-home dads.

Pre-School Learning Alliance

Swedish Association for Children’s Right to Their Parents

What About The Children (WATCh)?

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